November 8, 2010

Mofo day 8

DINNER!!! I love dinner!

First I made my standard seitan roast. I kneaded the seitan and while I let it rest I made some veggie broth with the scraps I save in the freezer.

Then I made some dijon-horseradish mashed potates...

And then some sauteed kale with lemon and garlic...

I also sauteed some onions and added some cranberry sauce to serve with the seitan.

Here's the plate:

Makes me look forward to Thanksgiving...!

Then I ate way too many dark chocolate chips with dried cherries

Mmmmmmmmmmm full and tired...bedtime soon...


  1. That looks great! With the weather getting colder, that's exactly what I want to be eating.

  2. mmm, I totally crave that kind of dinner this time of year. I have not experimented with a seitan roast yet, usually I just make a big, brainy blob to slice up and pan fry.

  3. mmm brains...Bryanna Clark Grogan's is what I use for my normal everyday seitan roast and what I used here

  4. dijon -horseradish mashers are smashing ;) and they look yummy with the kale too. Great dinner!