November 22, 2010


Catch-up time! I haven't blogged for a few days, things have been hectic. Currently waiting for the weather to make it's damn mind up about snowing so we can either travel or not travel for Thanksgiving!

In penance I offer this cookie:

It's a recipe by Dreena Burton that I really love but don't make all that often because it calls for 1/3 cup maple syrup which frankly isn't in the budget that often. Here is where you can get the RECIPE and watch Dreena make them!

Also, Vegan Vittles has a recipe for extended maple syrup that is quite helpful! Some google sleuthing will find it ;)

---------------------------------------!!!HOT TODDY ALERT!!!------------------------
I made hot toddies recently since it has been very chilly here especially at night. Usually these are made with honey but if you're adverse like me, agave works great as does some simple syrup or just sugar if the liquid is hot enough to dissolve it well.

You can find a recipe online easily but you can improvise. Just taste test as you go!

I like a bit of orange zest in mine....This time I used a clementine. Cute!

Gimme some sugah!

Nutmeg and cinnamon...spicy!

Freshly grated is the best!

Lovely lemon:

The magic elixir:

Throw it in a teapot with boiling water so you can top it off when it starts to cool down!

......aaaaaaand then forget to take a picture when you are done! ;)
Here's an action shot.. Not too pretty, but very warming!


Today I made some burritos (wraps?) that had BBQ glazed sweet potato, black beans, jasmine rice,chili powder and avocado, YUMMY!!!


Where burritos go to die:

Send anti-snow thoughts my way, people!!!


  1. Funny, I just ate at a little cafe in Florida that paired avocado and yam in a wrap. They called it the Holy Yamoli. I'd have never guess the combo, but it's a match made in sandwich wrap heaven.

  2. Yummy looking food :) And may I ask, is that a photo of Joyce Carol Oates in the background of the "magical elixir" picture?

  3. YOU WIN THE PRIZE for the JCO sighting! I was gonna mention it but decided against it...YAY! I think she would approve of hot toddies...