November 5, 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 5

Yeah I'm so excited I went grocery shopping today! It's a good feeling when the fridge is full :)

I made an old standby in our house...

It's just Tofu Ricotta from Veganomicon, pasta shells, basil and jarred tomato sauce. DELISH!

Also I tried to make chocolate chip cookies from a VegWeb recipe I thought I had used before...and it was awful! I salvaged them a little by adding peanut butter to the second batch, but I was pretty bummed.

Anybody got a good chocolate chip cookie recipe they wanna share? ;)


  1. Hi Nicole,
    No cookie recipes offhand, but your pasta looks delicious!

  2. Those stuffed shells look perfect - I've actually never had stuffed shells before but I think I really should.