March 25, 2009


These chicken patties taste like the real thing.......but of course they are vegan. I was surprised to see them at my local Safeway (which usually only carries Morningstar, * **usually has eggs!****) and they are incredibly delicious!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMM
Good as chick'n burgers, salads and enchiladas! Please try them and show boca that you love more than their burgers! Yay vegans!

March 4, 2009

Shame on you Pix Patisserie....

Yesterday I was very displeased when I went to have a cuppa at a little coffee and dessert place around the corner from my house named Pix Patisserie. Here in Portland, I think they are widely regarded as the best place to take a date or a good friend for espresso, cocktails and sweets. And I totally used to think it was charming. Until yesterday... I was very disappointed to see they were selling T Shirts which read...


Which, as most of you know, is a horrid practice...just google it to check it out. (yum yum burst liver)

This may seem drastic, but I don't think I'll ever go back. Plus there is the fact they have no vegan desserts and sometimes dodgy service.....but mostly the foie gras promoting tees. How sad.