November 30, 2010


Well I kinda crapped out on the mofoing as often as possible...but I promise you I have been cooking and eating delicious foods!

First up, a yummy grilled cheeze made of Daiya and Dave's Killer Bread (BEST BREAD EVER) perched on some Amy's tomato soup.

I made a tasty beef-style stew loosely (very loosely) based on this vegweb recipe:
but I used soy curls and added wine, steak sauce and nutritional yeast.

I also made Robin Robertson's recipe for Wheatballs out of Vegan on the Cheap (which I really want!). I found the recipe here:
This was the only survivor...

And I made a butternut squash lasagna with chicken style soy curls, cashew based white sauce and spinach. I really just threw it all together and it turned out decent, but could definitely be improved upon next time.

I'm a little sad mofo is over, but happy to have found so many great new blogs to follow!

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  1. All of your food looks delicious. I especially love grilled cheeze with tomato soup. That is a favorite.