November 3, 2010


Okay seriously, yesterday was only the second day and I didn't post....lame. So this is Day 2 really. Here's what I cooked yesterday and maybe I'll do a post later today too.

White Bean, Kale, and Rice Soup

Pretty much perfect for a chilly autumn night. This was sort of thrown together with the ingredients dictated by what was in my fridge and pantry.

I cooked the rice first and then dumped some into a pot that I had sauteed garlic in.
Then I added the white beans (which were cooked yesterday) and several cups of water.
I was out of broth, so I fudged it with some 'poultry' seasoning (I think it's usually parsley, sage, marjoram,rosemary,garlic and thyme or something like that), nooch, low sodium soy sauce and black pepper. With bean soups this usually works well because the beans themselves add some flavor to the cooking water.
Lastly I added the kale right into the pot raw, it got stewed pretty well in a couple of minutes. I sopped up all that brothy goodness with a baguette too......DELICIOUS!

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