November 4, 2010

MOFO Day Number 3!

I'm down to some pretty basic pantry ingredients I decided to make some seitan, scalloped (or au gratin) potatoes and veggies for dinner.

The seitan is actually Joanna's Nugget Recipe (here: and so freakin tasty) made into cutlets. It's just because I had those ingredients on hand and they are quick :)

So I baked those up and then pan fried them with onion,garlic and a little dijon mustard which seemed good to me but then my BF suggested BBQ sauce and I caved of course.

For the potatoes, I used Julia Child's recipe from my tattered copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking subbing Earth Balance sticks for the butter and just water for the cream surprisingly. For the cheese I put a bunch of nooch on both layers. Something about the way the potatoes bake in this makes it so creamy and cheesy tasting!

And of course we had some green....mmm broccoli!

Here's the leftovers ready for lunch tomorrow!

MMMMMMM! My next post will involve meal planning for all you broke vegans out there!


  1. Seitan and scalloped potatoes sounds like a wonderful combo!