September 1, 2010

Vegan cheezy mac & a rainy day

WELL, I totally forgot I had started a blog on here...I guess I should post some stuff. I am now recently unemployed so I should have plenty of time to update.

Its pouring in Portland and about 65 degrees (goodbye 2 weeks of summer!!!) so I needed something warm and filling. Also, cheap. I get one more check on friday from my job, but until then, no monies for a grocery excursion.

Flinging open the fridge door revealed a bunch of little bits of things; mimicreme, peas, 1/4 cup of daiya, nearly empty bottle of mustard, the dredges of nooch. AHA! OF COURSE! Mac and cheeze and peas!
Behold the pasta of necessity....

cheezy mac

That picture is just for posterity, this is how I really ate it: canadian style with ketchup!

ala canada

Cheezy Mac Murder, the only murder in my diet! Heh heh...Now I'm off to experiment with cinnamon rolls from the fantastic book Vegan Brunch. Pictures later, if they turn out!


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