September 13, 2010

PANCAKES!...and penny pinching

So....I did end up making those cinnamon rolls with several substitutions and just a sugar glaze instead of frosting and they were pretty good! However I forgot a picture and after the first day, they looked a bit grody but still tasted delicious heated up.

Today I made PANCAKES! A benefit of unemployment is making yourself breakfast in the not so early morning. (I now wake up at 8:00 instead of 4:45!!!)

These are whole wheat pastry flour pancakes from this veg web recipe: since I didn't have all the ingredients for the Vegan Brunch pancakes.

I also used the Vegan Brunch whole berry sauce with just a little less sugar added yummy! And cheaper if you have a few frozen berries in your freezer than real maple syrup.

I'm trying not to buy any food until I figure out if I can get some food stamps..I have an appointment later today to find out. My cupboards are so bare! :( At least there are pancakes! :)


  1. Whoa, that photo has me drooling. I love pancakes, haven't made them in ages! I also loved being unemployed, but I screwed that up (in the best possible way) by geting a job at my uni. What I wouldn't give to be able to sleep in until 8am... :)

  2. Yeah I have a job now too...but its only 20 hrs/ it's sorta awesome! WHY AM I NOT MAKING PANCAKES RIGHT NOW?!!!!